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API Reference

  1. Contract API:

    1. Explanation: Contract API refers to the interface provided by contracts on the blockchain, with data serialized through Protocol Buffers. Users can utilize the contract API to query or modify data associated with a contract's account, such as querying an account's manager information.
  2. RESTful API:

    1. Explanation: RESTful API corresponds to the backend interfaces of Portkey, used to query business data that is not stored on the contract. This can include user avatars, nicknames, and other contact information.
  3. GraphQL API:

    1. Explanation: GraphQL API is employed to query certain offline contract data. In comparison to direct queries through contract APIs, GraphQL API offers aggregation and presentation capabilities. For example, it can aggregate all manager information within a specific AA wallet. It's important to note that GraphQL API corresponds to offline data, with a delay of about 1 minute compared to on-chain data. Additionally, customized development is required to achieve these aggregation operations.

Note: Typically, developers only need to integrate the front-end SDK. The APIs mentioned above are encapsulated within the front-end SDK and don't need to be directly called.