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Before you start

This documentation aims to facilitate you to integrate Portkey SDK, to create digital assets as well as to build on aelf, in the fastest way possible.

For those of you who are not familiar with Portkey, please take a quick look at the overview and have a fundamental understanding of the support you can get.

If you need step-by-step assistance, you can go to Quickstart Guides for SDKs of Portkey and other solutions related to Web3 BUIDL.

For those of you who need to skip the guides, and look for SDKs directly, go to "SDKs" where all kinds of SDKs are collected there.

For those of you looking for certain APIs, "API references" are where to go.

Environmental Configuration and Troubleshooting are also provided for your convenience.

For game developers

Portkey offers extensive support for developers, particularly those working on gaming projects. When transitioning their projects and user base to Web3, these projects often require the following:

  • Creating Web3 accounts
  • Providing a seamless Web2 login experience
  • Managing digital assets
  • Issuing tokens or NFTs as in-game assets
  • Facilitating fiat-to-crypto conversions and vice versa
  • Enabling NFT checkouts

If these align with your game development goals, you'll discover all the resources you need in this documentation!

Time to BUIDL!

Portkey integration

Token or NFT issuance

Contract deployment

  • How to deploy contracts on aelf SideChains

Environmental configuration


😊I want to onboard my existing users on Web3/aelf

😊Not sure what Portkey can do for you?