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Quickstart Guides

Portkey integration methods

Currently, Portkey offers two types of integration methods for projects: Portkey SDK integration and Portkey wallet provider integration.

1. Portkey SDK integration

Integration with Portkey SDK can be completed within 1-2 hours, assisting Web2 projects to swiftly transition to Web3.

2. Portkey wallet provider integration

Portkey wallet provider supports developers in integrating with both Chrome browser extensions and mobile applications.

For detailed guidance, refer to the Provider Guides.

Supported blockchains

  • Layer 1 network - aelf
  • Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains are gradually being supported. The documentation will be updated once the support is complete.

Token and NFT collection launch

Currently, the creation and issuance of tokens/NFT collections in the aelf ecosystem require obtaining a SEED from the symbol market. Then the SEED can be used to create tokens/NFT collections.