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Payment Delegation Mechanism

Unlike some smart contract wallets that charge users fees when creating or using wallets, Portkey employs a unique payment delegation mechanism. This mechanism allows third parties to act as delegatees to pay transaction fees for users, enabling users to use smart contract wallets at minimal cost. Developers and projects can invite any interested parties, be they companies or individuals, to become delegatees. Delegatees have the flexibility to choose the types of transaction fees they want to cover, whether it's fees associated with account sign-up, token transfers, or others. In return for their contributions, projects can collaborate with delegatees, creating a mutually beneficial delegation process that benefits users, projects, and the delegatees themselves.

Currently, Portkey offers three specific types of payment delegation based on user behavior:

TypeRequirementsTypes of transactions included
Type oneDelegatees will cover the transaction fees regardless of users' balances.Account sign-up, login, and login by scanning QR code
Type twoDelegatees only need to cover the transaction fees when the users don't have enough balance.Adding/removing guardians, and changing login accounts.
Type threeDelegatees will never cover the transaction fees.Token transfers, cross-chain transactions, NFT creation, etc.