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Launch Token and NFT collection


This tutorial provides a step by step guide on how to mint token and NFT collections on aelf network and manage them through Portkey. It is designed for developers building on Web3 for the first time, so anyone can follow along regardless of prior experience. This has been simplified for educational purposes and we are working on expanding the content.

Creating tokens/NFT collections on the aelf blockchain does not require deploying new contracts. You only need to possess the SEED NFT corresponding to the symbol you want. This enables you to accomplish token creation and issuance by directly invoking contracts or via the visual interface of the symbol market.

Once a token is created, its associated information becomes immutable. It's recommended to utilize the ProxyAccount contract to set the token's owner and issuer, meeting the potential needs to transfer the ownership and issuer authorities.

By the end of this tutorial you will have:

  • Create and issue token
  • Create NFT
  • Bridge Tokens between aelf and other network